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Risk Management

FX risk management provides an insurance policy against the impact negative currency swings can have on cash flows and the profitability of business operations.

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Reduce your foreign exchange risk through a carefully tailored strategy for your business by our experienced FX experts

Currency market volatility has been increasing over the years, with greater market swings occurring over shorter periods of time. Older methods of dealing with foreign exchange and its volatility are becoming ineffective and obsolete.

A modern and effective risk management strategy can not only help mitigate the risk but also move a business from being reactive to proactive, turning risk into opportunity.

Risk management strategy centered around your business, not just the market.

Protect your profit margins

Work with an experienced foreign exchange professional to employ modern methodologies and financial instruments, including Forward Contracts & Currency Options, to reduce the impact of market volatility on your business’ profits.

Plan your future with confidence

EncoreFX’s risk management team takes the time to understand a client’s needs and goals, to develop a strategy that will benefit the company in the long-term, instead of selling clients short-term products they don’t necessarily need.

Grow foreign revenues & remain competitive

With competitive rates over banks and the ability to help lock in favourable market moves, we help businesses keep their pricing and operations lean and effective in their industry.

EncoreFX has processes and flexibilities that are non-standard in banking. When you partner with EncoreFX, you have access to:

Don’t let the market dictate your business decisions. Speak with an experienced FX professional today.

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  • Premium FX products typically only reserved for large global organizations
  • Flexible credit terms
  • Customizable and tailored solutions for any business needs
  • Local FX experts who are ready to meet with you face-to-face
  • Quick response time to business or market changes due to our unique processes


  • FX professionals with deep industry expertise and years of experience
  • On-going, personalized client support, including consultation and education
  • Unbiased advice from FX professionals who adhere to a strict code of ethics

Competitive Advantage

  • Competitive spreads and low transaction fees
  • Ease of processing the trade & quick turnaround of funds
  • Unparalleled personalized client service
  • Client-specific tailored consulting-based risk management planning
  • An online platform that puts control and transparency in your hands

What sets EncoreFX apart?

We provide a way to empower clients who desire greater control and access to FX with an intuitive and effective online platform, while providing superior support and advice from FX professionals who can step in and ensure transactions go smoothly and beneficiaries are setup correctly.



Adam Nikitins and Stewart McCallum were appointed Joint and Several Voluntary Administrators of EncoreFX (Australia) Pty Ltd on 30 March 2020.

Rees Logan, Adam Nikitins and Stewart McCallum were appointed Joint and Several Voluntary Administrators of EncoreFX (NZ) Limited on 30 March 2020.

Any queries regarding the Administrations should be directed to